ANI or Afrocentric Neo-Impressionsm is an art movement characterized with bold colors and thick expressive brush strokes. ANI is a style of painting inspired by various forms of art, the term “Afrocentric Neo-Impressionism” was founded by artist Lessie Venardo Dixon, in 2011. This style of painting focuses on the history of the African culture, it is a response to a global (Afrocentric) attitudes about African people and their historical contribution; it revisits the history of the African Culture.

With this artistic style of painting, the artist seeks to capture a visual feeling and experience in the African culture. In general, the Afrocentric movement is manifested in a focus on African-American culture and the history of Africa. It involves an African diaspora version of an African-centered view of history and culture to portray the achievements and development of Africans who have been marginalized.