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By understanding the Rules and Principles of painting and the methods of applying paint to achieve your goal.


The Chicago based artist and his traditional style of painting. Can be purchased on his line of products with a positive expression.

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As an educator, who has inspired a new generation of artists. The artist has contributed to the educational growth of other artists and artists in his community.

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Afrocentric Neo – Impressionism Movement

The Afrocentric Neo – Impressionism is a art movement created by artist Lessie Venardo Dixon. His body of work explores the timelessness, of the Afrocentric arts, and the Impressionist style of painting. The artist seeks to capture a visual feeling and experience in the African culture, which may also include the art of the Native African, and the African Diasporas.

While studying his African culture, the artist explores common ancestral connections, expressing deep ties to his African roots. Telling the stories, that focuses on the history and present of people of African descent.

While the artist is still developing this genre, it influences his modern perspective, he also challenges the notion of a lack of identity by adding suttle facial features and structure as a Neo – African – American Commentary reflecting his views on the restoration of social identity.

Mr. Dixon combines formal training, deliberate brushstrokes, and rich color in this style of painting. Creating his own unique interpretation of this young genre.

The Progression, “Sassy Sunshine”